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When "out-of-the-box" software doesn't provide the full solution for your business needs, Friendly Systems has the knowledge and experience to link other software packages with Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90, & MAS 200) or Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP). We are Sage Development Partners (formerly known as Master Developers for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200).

Friendly Systems can create/customize Crystal Reports and FRx reports.

We also create stand-alone software packages to meet your needs outside of the accounting package, such as tracking quallity control issues or preventative maintenance service inspections.

Here are some of our creations that expand the functionalty of the software products we provide:

Friendly Outside Sales Module

Would your salespeople like to have their customers order history, pricing, and item availability at their fingertips while they're with the customer?  And enter the order and give the customer a printed or electronic copy right then and there? 

FOSM offers this without the expense of long distance phone bills and modem banks or the hassle of setting up and maintaining remote access or VPNs. Salespeople can update their data with one click, and transmit orders to the office with one click.

Both Server and Client modules are available for Sage 100 ERP

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Friendly Requisitions

Friendly Requisitions enhances the Sage 100 ERP Purchase Order Module with the capability to create secure requisitions with 2 levels of approval/rejection processing. Turn all approved requisitions into Purchase Orders with one click - no double entry. FSI PO Requisitions also includes a series of Business Alerts to notify users, supervisors and purchasing agents of actions required and the status of requisitions quickly and efficiently. (Business Alerts program, sold separately, required for Alerts to function.)

Friendly Request For Quote

FRFQ works alongside the Purchase Order module to allow the creation of requests for quotes for multiple items to multiple vendors without multiple data entry steps. Simply select the vendors and items you want from lists, and with just a couple of clicks create the RFQs as Excel files. Email them to your vendors, and import the returned quotes into the program. Purchase orders can then be created based on best price or shortest lead time, or manually selected. The resulting Purchase Orders are then imported into the PO module. No redundant data entry, no paper files to hunt down.

Friendly Enhanced Buying Report

Friendly Enhanced Buying Report combines the speed and convenience of a Sage 100 ERP selection screen with the flexibility of Crystal Reports for output, with all the data you need to make quick, intelligent purchasing decisions. In addition to the standard Sage MAS 90 selections and data, this Enhanced Buying Report Includes rolling 13 monthly sales figure columns to help you identify trends and adjust your minimum and maximum quantities accordingly, the option to include or exclude Drop-Ship orders, Total # of Drop-Ship Orders, option to exclude Zero-Sales items, and inclusion of Extended Descriptions. The included Crystal Report is designed to be exported to Excel.

Friendly Cash Basis Sales Tax

Friendly Cash Basis Sales Tax - Cash Receipts Update is modified to capture “sales taxes paid”.  Partial payments are to be prorated in the ratio of  payment/total for: Collected Total Sales, Collected Taxable Sales, Collected Non-Taxable Sales and Collected Sales Tax.  Partial payments are distributed to sales tax based on the percentage of taxable and non-taxable sales on the invoice.  The final payment is evenly adjusted to account for any fractions of pennies created by the percentage distribution.

Friendly One-Click Picking Sheet Printing

Friendly One-Click Picking Sheet Printing lets you print the Picking Sheet for an order with just one click directly from the Sales Order Entry screen in Sage 100 ERP!

Friendly Special Items GL by Warehouse

Friendly Special Items GL by Warehouse - Special (non-stock items beginning with " * ") have their revenue and cost of goods sold accounts adjusted using the segment value corresponding to the warehouse in the Sales Order header.  This lets each branch of a multi-location company record (and therefore report on) sales of non-stock items by branch, instead of in one company-wide GL account.

Friendly Standard PO Pricing

Friendly Standard PO Pricing modifies Sage 100 ERP Purchase Order Entry so that inventory items default to the standard cost instead of the last price from that vendor.  This is especially useful for distributors who receive price updates from vendors.  You can now update the standard cost field in inventory and purchase order entry will use the new price instead of the price the item was last received at.

Battery Scheduled Maintenance Program

BSMP is a stand-alone program  used to record data from the inspection of commercial batteries.  BSMP offers presentation quality reporting, including graphing of the data, and can import per cell data from Midtronics inFORM program.

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