Friendly Systems Newsletter December 2009

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Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Solutions Changes

Sage recently announced that it is retiring most of the Extended Solutions portfolio.  About 50 of the most popular ones will be gradually incorporated into the base product over the next few releases, and those will be maintained until they become part of the standard product. The others will not be upgraded for version 4.4, due out in February. 

Don't Panic

Friendly Systems has been a Sage Development Partner for many years, and we have the source code for these solutions and the skill to take care of your needs for any of the retired solutions that may still be required.  A review of the Extended Solutions in use by our allies shows that for most of you, this change will mean that your maintenance bill will decrease as the Extended Solutions are rolled into the base product.

Solving Business Problems

When asked the question "What does Friendly Systems do?", my first response is usually "we specialize in bending the software to fit your business needs."  Some examples:

Due to fluctuating inventory costs, a customer needed to base their pricing on average-cost rather Sage MAS 200's use of standard-cost to calculate prices - Problem solved with some minor changes by Friendly Systems.

A customer's branch-warehouse was forgetting to enter the correct warehouse when they entered Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, resulting in wasted time correcting inventory mistakes. Together, the client and Friendly Systems devised an easy solution.

A company needed for all of the new year catalogue-pricing to be hand-entered before year end, without affecting current-pricing, then apply the new prices at the 1st of year.  Friendly Systems created a program that let them make their changes over several weeks and them bring in the changes all at once.    

Are there problems at your company that need solving?  Friendly Systems has the skills and experience in business software and in business processes, from both the operations and ownership points of view, to deliver cost-effective results.  But we can't help if we don't know there's a problem.

Happy Holidays

Friendly Systems will be closed on Thursday December 24, Friday December 25, Monday December 28  and Friday January 1.

Year End Closing Tips


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