Friendly Systems Newsletter November 2010

Aspen trees near Cedar Break Monument in Utah - September 2006 Lee Graham

The Truth About Cell Phones and The Do Not Call Registry

Despite email and web based rumors to the contrary, cell phone numbers are= NOT about to become fair game for telemarketers any time soon.  It is not necessary to register your cell phone with the Do Not Call registry.   FCC regulations prohibit companies from using automatic dialers to call cell phones.  Read more here...and if we could just get the politicians to remo ve the exemption they gave themselves...

Be Careful What You Search For

In recent research into malware trends, Websense identified the top three paths that lead to malware as: websites, poisoned search results, and malicious links, the latter typically spread by spam emails and phishing campaigns.  Trending topics tend to bring out the criminals - at one point, one-quarter of all World Cup 2010 search results were malicious.  Read more...

Dumb Law of the Month

This is the start of a new feature for our newsletter, and there is a lifetime supply of these out there.  For example, flirting is illegal in many places.  This month's winner is from New York, where the penalty for jumping off a building is death.  If at first you don't succeed...the government will help you!

Thanksgiving Closings

Friendly Systems will be closed for Thanksgiving and also the Friday after , November 26.  Happy Black Friday Eve to all!


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