Friendly Systems Newsletter September 2010

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End of Year Projects

As we approach the end of 2010 as with every “year end” -  changes and enhancement projects need to be completed before the new year.  The scheduling of these projects become necessary to make sure everything gets done “on time”. Please consider the various software projects that you require finished by the end of the year and contact us ASAP for scheduling.

Speeding Up Crystal Reports

Do you have reports which take a long time to run? Are you letting users log into the server to run them, thereby creating a security risk?

One solution to both these problems is to deliver Crystal Reports via a web browser. Crystal Enterprise is available, but it is clunky to set up, finicky to maintain, and very expensive if you need more than a handful of users.

We recently found an alternative called Recrystallize. Recrystallize gives users access to server speed reporting via a web browser. With this tool, we (or someone in your company who has a basic understanding of Crystal and web pages) can take your Crystal Reports and quickly and easily create web pages that contain the report viewer. Just create one basic web page as a “table of contents”. The reports run on the server, so there is no delay for data traveling over the network. You can set user security rights per report as well.

Attach Documents and Memos to Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Transactions

Have you ever scrambled around for a spreadsheet, note, invoice-copy or customer request when researching transactions? Has anyone asked you the situation with an order/invoice/receipt/journal entry, etc? (especially as you head out for a vacation?) Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 have a feature that allows you to attach documents and memos to your transactions. These can be any kind of documents such as pdf’s, spreadsheets and pictures, or simple text memos and are available for everyone to see.  Read more...


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