Friendly Systems Newsletter October 2007

Does HIGH-END software have to be HIGH-PRICED??

Sage ACCPAC ERP is a great alternative to HIGH-END software. Just recently a company was looking to replace their Peachtree software and looked at a few different software products including Sage MAS 90 ERP. After seeing that they had a straight forward way of doing business and only a few special considerations they felt that they had to look at a HIGH-END solution to fill their needs. 

ACCPAC  to the rescue!

By offering freedom of choice, high performance and reliability Friendly Systems finds the alternative to high priced, high-end software in ACCPAC.

Freedom of Choice:

  • You choose the database including:  Microsoft SQL, DB2, Pervasive SQL or Oracle.
  • You choose the applications (including multi currency, multi language).   
  • You choose the platform: MS Windows, Novell Netware, Linux.
  • You choose the deployment: WEB BASED, Desktop or BOTH.

Priced at three levels:  ACCPAC 100 ERP (up to 5 users), ACCPAC 200 ERP (up to 10 users) and  ACCPAC 500 ERP (over 10 users).

Zip Code = Tax Code? Not necessarily...

ZIP codes were created by the USPS. Sales tax rate boundaries are set at the state, county and municipal level. They do not have anything in common. In fact, in the state of Washington alone, the Department of Revenue reports that 40% of ZIP codes cross up to 5 different jurisdictional boundaries. The city of Loganville, Georgia lies half in Gwinnett County and half in Walton County, but all of it is in zip code 30052. In fact, the local Wal-Mart actually sprawls across the county line and sparked a major dispute when it opened over which county should get the sales tax.

Use of ZIP codes to determine a sales tax rate can result in a potential error rate of 10%. And while the use of ZIP+4 can result in greater accuracy, it is still not a foolproof method. And while zip code use has grown past mail delivery, they are wielded with the knowledge that they are an imperfect tool. In the realm of taxes, however, errors are not tolerated lightly. Incorrectly charging sales tax can result in fines, audit penalties or even class-action lawsuits.

The only way to accurately apply a correct tax rate is by knowing the real geographic location, as well as the corresponding tax jurisdictions. Avalara AvaTax™ (which links to Sage MAS 90, MAS 200 and ACCPAC ERP) bases all of its tax calculations on a sophisticated mapping system which not only precisely maps shipment locations but also layers the various taxes; from state all the way down to multiple special taxing jurisdictions. With Avalara AvaTax, you can be assured of your sales tax accuracy and compliance.


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