Friendly Systems Newsletter September 2011

Aspens by Lee Graham

The Costs of Old Software

Most businesses reviewing their information systems and processes for improvement total up the costs of making  changes. What will new software cost? What will it cost to train employees?  You can quantify those answers, because you can get quotes that put those costs on paper.  What’s harder to quantify is the cost of not changing.  Just keep doing what you’ve always done is safe, right? General Motors thought so as they lost market-share.  Each of the “what does it cost to?” questions should bring up the opposite “what is it costing NOT to?” question. What is the old system costing in lost productivity? What is it costing in employee morale and stress-induced errors?  What is the long-range cost of not having up-to-date tools?  Read more...

SageCRM Comes to iPhone, Android

Since SageCRM is a web app, you could in fact run it on smartphones as is, but the screen sizing would not be optimal. Sage has now made available addons which provide optimized screens for iPhone and Android devices.

The iPhone addon is available for SageCRM 7.0 and higher, and the Android addon is now available as a beta for SageCRM version 7.1.  A fully supported Android version will be included in SageCRM 7.2 when it is released.

The integration with Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 for version 4.4 supports SageCRM versions 6.2 and 7.0, and with version 4.5 (due out this fall) the integration will support SageCRM version 7.1

Tips & Tricks - Paperless Office for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200

Tracking documents e-mailed or faxed in Paperless Office.  After a document is e-mailed or faxed (for example, sales order invoice) the Sent field for the document changes to Y in the Viewer section for that document.   To display this information, go to the appropriate viewer for your document, in this case,  the Paperless Office Customer ViewerExpand the window horizontally, or scroll to the right to view the Sent column. This column displays a Y after a .pdf document is electronically delivered by e-mail or fax.

Distributing reports by e-mail using Paperless Office.

You can e-mail reports to people directly from report printing using Paperless Office. Read more...


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