Friendly Systems Newsletter August 2009

Telecommuting Tips

This is one we can talk about from practical experience, because it is the way Friendly Systems has operated for years. The Worldwide Workplace Council (by Citrix) has published some great information on how to set up a telecommuting program for small and medium businesses. Their "Five Simple Steps to a Virtual Workplace Program" details how companies can increase flexibility and employee satisfaction (who wouldn't like to get back the time and gas spent commuting?):

  1. Determine the specific needs of your company.
  2. Identify best practices for managing a virtual workplace.
  3. Evaluate and implement the technologies that boost productivity.
  4. Set policies and guidelines.
  5. Set benchmarks and measure effectiveness.

Tech Tip: Cost Adjustments in Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the unit cost information for items already recorded into inventory in Sage MAS 90 or MAS200.  See our support-blog entry which details various methods and considerations for adjusting Standard, Average, Fifo, Lifo, Serial and Lotted items.

By the way, please feel free to post comments on our blog. It would be great to make this more interactive.

RMA and Visual Integrator Modules Improve Productivity

There are a couple of Sage MAS 90/MAS 200 modules that not everyone has, but which can save you time and enhance your productivity greatly.

Visual Integrator is the import/export module. Typical uses include updating prices or vendor cost values, importing count values for physical inventory, and connecting MAS with web stores.

The RMA module streamlines handling of returns, including cross-shipments (sending the replacement before you get the original back) and returning items to your vendor.

Read more about these modules or contact us for further information.


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