Friendly Systems Newsletter February 2012

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Enabling "Do Not Track" In Your Web Browser

If you've ever wondered why when you go from one web site to another the ads on the new page seem to know what you were looking at on the previous page, it is often because they do know.  Enough people have found this practice to be really creepy, and the major web browsers now give you a way to do something about it, at least for sites that have agreed to honor it.  Read on for details on how to set up Do Not Track in various web browsers

Sage 100 Bill 0f Materials Module Has Many Uses

The Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Bill of Materials module is not just for component lists for manufactured prod­ucts — it can help you  create efficiencies and assist with accurate cost tracking.

  • Recording production costs without a lot of data entry for things like:
  • Building custom tool kits
  • Creating a custom fixtures list for a product you sell.
  • Cutting raw materials such as pipe, wood, steel or glass into specific lengths or sizes to put in stock.

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Sage Summit

Sage Summit is Sage's annual business partner and customer conference, held this year in Nashville August 12-17.  We will be attending, so if you are going please let us know.



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