Friendly Systems Newsletter July 2008

SageCRM - Get Your Front Office Activities Organized and
Synched With Your Back Office

Friendly Systems is happy to announce that we are now authorized to offer SageCRM.

  • Do your salespeople each have their own "system" for their leads and sales pipeline?
  • Do you find out about unhandled customer service issues when an angry customer demands to speak to the Boss?
  • Is your staff rekeying salesperson quotes into orders?
  • Do you know which of your marketing activities are producing opportunities and orders?

SageCRM provides the power to put all your customer and prospect contacts in one place, while being easy enough to use that your salespeople won't resent being made more productive. With its integration with Sage Accpac ERP and Sage MAS 90 and 200, leads become prospects and then customers without ever being retyped. If you choose to allow it, salespeople can enter their quotes and orders directly through the ERP screens which appear within their SageCRM screens.

SageCRM is web-based, and can also be run entirely from within Microsoft Outlook, with the contacts and calendar kept in sync between Outlook and SageCRM. Your sales manager can enter a meeting in SageCRM, and it will appear in the salesperson's Outlook calendar. And the salesperson's appointments entered in Oultlook are visible to the Sales Manager in SageCRM.

On the customer service/help desk front, advanced workflow capabilities let you route issues to the proper person, and alert management when issues are approaching their due date, so you can be proactive about making sure service levels are kept at a high level.

Sage Knowledgebase Now Open to All

Sage Software has recently announced that the Sage Software Customer Support Knowledgebase is now publicly available, and no longer requires a user logon and password. This site contains troubleshooting and support tips for many Sage products including MAS 90 & MAS 200, Sage Businessworks, F9 and FRx. You can see frequently accessed questions, or select a module and do a text-search for questions you may have. This can be a helpful addition to the help-text already provided in your Sage software products.

To access the Sage Online Knowledgebase, go to:

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Credit Card Processing
Improve Efficiency and Cash Flow

The Credit Card Processing module allows you to safely and easily accept credit card purchases and payments within Sage MAS 90 and 200. Find out how the credit card process works and why adding the Credit Card Processing module can simplify your business processes.

Sage Software is thrilled to present the following customer Webcast for Credit Card Processing on Wednesday, July 23 at 1pm Eastern. Topics include:

  • Benefits of accepting credit card payments
  • How does Credit Card Processing work?
  • The Credit Card Processing Module Powered by Sage Payment Solutions
  • The Credit Card Processing Module with PC Charge
  • Advantages of integrating credit card payments
  • What to know before you implement
  • Is Credit Card Processing right for you?

Register online or by calling 877-541-1681.




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