Friendly Systems Newsletter june 2011

Grand Canyon Sunset by Lee Graham

Getting The Most From Your Laptop Battery

Batteries are pricey and have a limited lifespan.  Here are some tips on extending it’s life.
  1. Keep your machine properly ventilated. Hot machines demand more energy from the batteryand shorten the lifespan.
  2. Make sure the Power Save mode is selected and that your machine goes to “sleep” even sooner than the default time.
  3. Periodically clean the battery contact terminals with some rubbing alcohol.
  4. Dim your screen a notch or two. This will have a dramatic affect on power consumption.
  5. When not using the internet – turn off the Wi-Fi.  This also uses additional power.

Welcome to Atlanta Rod

Friendly Systems wants to welcome Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing to our family of allies.  Atlanta Rod is a manufacturer of nuts and bolts as well as custom “rerod”, located in Lavonia Georgia.  We are currently helping them implement xTuple PostBooks.

Small Changes Can Bring  a Big Boost to Productivity

Do you ever wonder "If the software would just do THIS instead of THAT it would save me so much time?"  As Sage Developer partners, Friendly Systems is positioned to take care of those issues for you.  Some of the issues we have solved include:

  • Do your Inventory Physical Count Worksheets and Variance Registers print pages of zero-balance items you no longer have?
  • Customer Pricing based on Average Cost. Mas 90 / 200 bases pricing on standard costs.
  • Default PO Ship-to Address code based on the user who enters the PO.
  • Credit-Memos can incorrectly affect sales commissions if the product cost has changed since the original invoice.

See our blog for more details.


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