Friendly Systems Newsletter May 2010

Grand Canyon Sunset by  Lee Graham

What's In Your Copier?

Did you know that most copiers sold in the last few years have a hard drive, and by default keep stored images of everything that has been copied on them?  This CBS News report shows how they found a warehouse full of used copiers, bought a couple, used freely available software to access the contents of the hard drive, and in less than a day pulled up medical records, payroll records, and police records.  Containers of used copiers are regularly shipped overseas.

We would strongly recommend that you contact your copier vendor for info on how to make sure the data is wiped regularly and that you completely wipe the data before disposing of a copier.  Also, be careful what you copy on public copiers such as at office supply stores or your local library.

PCI Compliance Deadline Approaching

The July 1 deadline for PCI compliance certification is fast approaching.  If your company accepts credit cards and you have not already done this, you need to take care of it very soon. Sage is making available a copy of PCI for Dummies for download.  Sage Payment Solutions customers should already have been contacted as they have arranged for Trustwave to provide you with a guided, web based version of the PCI Compliance forms, as well as setting up the network vulnerability scan required.

Sage MAS 90/200 Version 4.4 Inventory Improvements

Sage MAS 90/200 version 4.4 features a number of improvements to the Inventory module.  Transaction entry is now in a grid, and can even be set to use batches.  Reports are now in Crystal for easier modification and exporting of data.  User Defined Fields can now be added in many places where it was not possible before.  See our blog for further details.


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