Friendly Systems Newsletter December 2010

Yosemite by Lee Graham

New Enhancements in Sage MAS 90/200

Sage has released Product Update 5 for MAS 90 and MAS 200, and it includes a number of enhancements that were previously available only as extended solutions:
  • Multiple Company Aged Invoice Report
  • Accounts Payable Check Sorting Options
  • Expense Distribution Tables
  • Security in Item Inquiry - make more granular choices on who can see what fields
  • Inactive Items - items marked inactive cannot be purchased or sold, but can still be accessed for RMA or warranty
  • Physical Count With Count Cards - enter physical counts by tag
  • Company Specific Background Colors - assign each company in MAS a different background color in Company Maintenance
  • 941 Form2011 Update
Download a brochure with more details

Passwords - Choose Security Over Convenience

Deciding on a password should not be easy and should take some thought – give your password the following consideration:

  • OMIT THE OBVIOUS: Avoid personal information like birthdays, addresses, phone #.
  • GO LONG:  Use 14 or more characters using upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.
  • MEMORIZE AND MANAGE:  Use phrases or a poem to remember a password.  Use characters that look like letters in your password.  EX: hello could look like h3!!o.
  • SHARE NEVER, CHANGE OFTEN:  Use different passwords at each site so that one password compromised does not jeopardize all your information.
As computers get faster, it gets easier for hackers to run "dictionary attacks", which is why numbers and symbols make passwords more secure.  And the longer and more complex the password, the more likely it is to end up on a sticky note on the monitor.  To come up with something that is both secure and memorable, try piecing together several fictional characters.  Science fiction aliens work well:  T'PauSp0ckSarek

Sage ERP Accpac Named Best Accounting Software by Canadian Resellers at eChannelNEWS’ 2010 Reseller Choice Awards

Sage North America announced that Sage ERP Accpac was awarded as the Best Accounting Software by Canadian resellers at eChannelNEWS’ Reseller Choice Awards. With over 700 VARs voting, Sage ERP Accpac was selected over Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and others for top honors in the accounting software category. Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP Accpac Online are award-winning business management software that help small and midsized businesses in countries around the world manage their accounting, operations, and customer relationships.

“These awards represent the voice of our partner community, so it’s a true honor to receive this,” commented Tom Miller, VP of Channel Management for Sage. “This recognition validates our commitment to not only provide meaningful solutions to the channel but also to help our partners build strong businesses.”



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