Friendly Systems Newsletter January 2010

Lake Solitude by  Lee Graham

Solving Business Problems, Part 2

Today, more than ever, operations efficiency is a critical success factor to effectively manage and achieve peak performance in your company.

The greatest challenge might be convincing management of the need for it.  You will probably have to “sell” the idea of changes.  Management may be skeptical about whether any investment in changing your system or adding functionality is really necessary at this time.  That is why it is important to determine all the ways your company will benefit from the system change, both directly and indirectly, and be prepared to explain these benefits.

You may want to assemble a team of people to decide what your company needs from your software. Depending on the size of your company, the team may include a finance/accounting representative, warehouse/inventory manager, operations manager and IT personnel.

We are available to discuss system changes as well as lend our business experience in exploring procedural changes. If you are not using this benefit of dealing with Friendly Systems, you are not using all the resources available to you.

Our goal is to make our clients businesses more efficient and have the system “WORK FOR YOU”. 

Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

You may have heard about the recent cyberbattle between China and Google.  The attacks apparently took advantage of security flaws in Internet Explorer version 6, and some researchers have shown that the same vulnerability is also present in IE7.  This vulnerability is accessible via "drive by downloads" - if you visit an infected web page, you may get an invisible malware downloaded and installed on your system.  The governments of Germany, France and Australia have all issued warnings on this, and banned IE6 from all government computers.

Firefox makes an excellent alternative to IE.  If you must use Internet Explorer, upgrade to version 8 and make sure you keep up to date as new patches are issued.

Grayson High School Winter Concert On GCPS-TV

No business relevance to this one, just time to brag about how wonderful Phil's kids are and point you to some excellent entertainment!  Alison McIntosh is a member of the Chorus (and drama department) at Grayson High School.  Their Winter Concert performance of "When Icicles Hang" by the Chorus, Orchestra and Band was captured on video, and is being shown on Artstage on GCPS-TV at 2 pm and 8 pm for about two weeks starting January 18.  If you live in Gwinnett, it is on Charter channel 22, and Comcast channel 24 or 26 depending on your package.  If you are outside of Gwinnett or don't have cable, you can watch at


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