Method Extends QuickBooks
Method Certified Account Manager

To Your Web Browser

Method takes your QuickBooks data and makes it available in your web browser. Just about anything you can do in QuickBooks you can do in Method, from anyhere you have internet access, without installing QuickBooks on every computer. Security is available to control which user can see and/or change what.

Method has put a great deal of effort into making sure that their web application responds like a desktop application. Switching screens is fast, and your work in one screen doesn't go away because you got interrupted and forgot to hit save before switching tasks.


Method gives you CRM that integrates with your QuickBooks data. Keep your prospects in Method and track your marketing and sales activities, and when they purchase, just flip the switch and they are customers in QuickBooks. No double entry of data. Method CRM also gives you excellent Customer Support tracking, with the ability to assign an issue to the person who needs to handle it. There is also an Outlook plugin so your emails can get stored in Method with the rest of your customer and prospect information.

To Your Customers

With Portals. A simple wizard creates the html code for you to paste into your web site to lead your customers to a Method screen where they can do and see as much or as little of their account as you want. Save time by having them enter support tickets, or check their open invoices or open orders.

With Additional Fields, Tables, and Screens

Need more custom fields than QuickBooks allows? Need your custom fields to be drop-down lists or specific data types (date, money, etc). Method allows you to add as many custom fields as you need, and they aren't just textboxes like in QuickBooks, so you have the controls you need to make sure the data is accurate. With the Fullblown version of Method, you can add entire new tables and screens to track data that QuickBooks doesn't. You can customize screens, and even provide different screens to different users. An example for this would be to make some fields read-only for some users who need to see the data but not edit it, while other users have the ability to edit the data.

With Industry Specific Modules

Current modules include Field Service and Warehouse Management. On the way are modules for Professional Services, Agriculture, Automotive, Education , Healthcare, Non-Profits, Property Management, Real Estate, Retail, and more.

With <insert your company name here> Module

Method was designed from the ground up to be not just a software application but a way for non-programmers to create their own applications. Drag and drop, wizards, and drop-down selection lists let you create tables and screens without writing any code. Or sketch out your idea and Friendly Systems can create it for you, in a fraction of the time (and therefore $$) that a typical custom app would cost.

With the Fullblown edition of Method, you can add as many modules as you like from whatever source, and your subscription price doesn't change.

Did I mention that? There is no upfront license cost to get started with Method. Method is a hosted web application sold as a per user subscription. Contact Friendly Systems for all the details on how to get started with the Method that's right for your company.






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