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Make - Install - Service

JOBOPS software was designed for companies that make products, provide installations of those products, and/or provide services on a “to-order” basis.

Each job or project needs to be profitable, each job could be different from any previous job, and each job needs to be delivered on time!

Combined with the strength of Sage's award winning Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 accounting software, the JOBOPS modules provide the tools to help you improve the work flow of your operations, without sacrificing the tools your financial controller requires to manage the profit and cash flow of your company.

If your business transactions typically begin with a customer asking for a quote or an estimate on a custom product or service, then JOBOPS may be for you.


– Quoting or estimating can be the key to your profitability. If you under price the job, you lose money. Overprice the job, and your competition will probably get the business.

JOBOPS provide a full estimating system providing for a cost roll up of all labor, materials and outside services that may be required for the job. The estimated costs can be entered manually, copied from templates of similar work, copied from past jobs or jobs currently in progress. When copying from previous jobs, actual or estimated costs from the job may be used for the new quote. JOBOPS allows you to quickly change the items that might be unique to the new job, gives you the cost detail, and then the JOBOPS profit/margin calculator will help you determine the price for your customer's quote.

In addition, when used with the JOBOPS scheduling module, you can even calculate the Capable to Promise date for your customer to let then know when their job could be done based on the current work load.

For even faster and more accurate quoting, the JOBOPS Product Configurator module allows your estimators to ask a few simple questions and the Product Configurator creates detailed costing and pricing for you. If your business is manufacturing, distribution, assemble to order, engineer to order, or configure to order, the JOBOPS Product Configurator can add tremendous efficiencies to your operations.

Production Control

– Because of the detail entered during estimating, when the job becomes a firm order there is no need to create a new work ticket in the Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 system. JOBOPS converts your quote to a sales order and a work ticket at the touch of a button, and allows for engineers or production control managers to review the router and bills of materials created during the quote for accuracy and possible changes.

Automatic e-mail notification using the Business Alerts module can enhance the work flow by letting key people in your organization know when completed activity on the job means that they should begin working on the task that they are now responsible for.


– If materials are not available when needed, either the job is at risk of being late or costly overtime and expediting is going to eat up the profit expected from the job. JOBOPS provides automated purchasing tools to make sure materials are ordered on time and at the best possible price. In addition, JOBOPS helps protect your cash flow from being tied up in expensive inventory from purchase orders that were placed too far in advance of when the materials are required.

JOBOPS lets you select the time frame that you wish to plan your purchases for, and builds a “To-do” list of all materials needed during that period. The list of items to purchase shows only those materials that have demand from sales orders or jobs, but will be in short supply. If you already have it in inventory, it is not on the list. If you need to buy it directly to the job, it is automatically on the list.

Directly from the list, the purchase orders for all of the materials can be automatically generated to the preferred vendors, taking into account the lead times required and any price breaks offered by the vendors. If a material is needed on three separate jobs, the requirements are automatically consolidated onto one purchase order to leverage your buying power.

The end result is that materials are ordered on time, at the best possible price, and while still managing the cash flow of your company.

Enhanced Scheduling

– The JOBOPS scheduling module is designed to optimize your scheduled work load and alert you to possible issues that could prevent the on-time delivery of your jobs. The scheduling engine loads your jobs according to priority, finite vs. infinite resources, using either backward scheduling from the requested ship date or forward scheduling from today.

The graphical scheduling board provides quick visual alerts to notify you of jobs at risk of being late, overloaded resources, or constraints that exist because of material shortages.

The jobs are displayed as a Gantt chart, with each task of the job being represented as a bar graph indicating the resource it is assigned to and the date it is scheduled for.

Using the what-if scheduling and drag-and-drop techniques, overloaded work can be redistributed to available resources, or capacity may be manually adjusted to work extra hours. It may mean working overtime, but it allows the job to ship on-time! Before committing to the new schedule, you can verify that fixing one problem did not create other problems elsewhere. If material shortages are a problem, drill down information lets you know if the material can be borrowed from another job to keep the high priority job on schedule.

Tracking and Costing

- JOBOPS Time Tracker module is the shop floor data collection system that let's you record labor and material usage to the job in real time. It even allows employees to directly enter their own time against jobs and integrates to the Sage MAS 90 / 200 Payroll module to report their total labor hours. To increase efficiencies and accuracy, bar-coding can be used to record the information.

What is truly unique about this system is that it provides operations management with real time visibility to job status, without sacrificing the posting procedures required by accounting and finance. JOBOPS allows you to see the current status of a job as soon as the work has been reported. Projected cost variances let management know about potential cost overruns while there is still time to do something about it. If materials are used on a job, the raw materials inventory on-hand is immediately updated so that purchasing will have visibility to low inventory conditions needed for another job.

All of this is accomplished without compromising your accounting department's ability to follow correct GAAP procedures. Even though operations can see this information real-time, the journal entries to your G/L are still controlled through normal posting procedures and running of the daily registers.

The result is that your operations group and your finance group both get the tools they eed to make sure that jobs get done on time and profitably.

Customer Service

– Delivering quality products and services on-time is the first step in customer service. Your reputation for delivering a high level of customer service is what allows your business to grow. JOBOPS provides the tools to let you manage the business and meet your delivery schedules.

For companies that continue to offer services after the initial job is complete, JOBOPS offers the Field Service and Dispatch module. With Field Service and Dispatch, your services departments will be able to respond faster, have faster access to equipment maintenance history, be able to generate preventive maintenance calls for your customers and then be able to dispatch the appropriate technicians using drag and drop scheduling.Quick access to the customer information, equipment history, warranty status, service contract information, typical parts needed for the repair, location of the equipment, which technicians are available and which technicians have the necessary parts available on their trucks are all at the dispatchers fingertips. Through the Field Service and Dispatch ashboard all necessary information is accessed from a single source.

Field Service

- JOBOPS Field Service and Dispatch module gives you detailed visibility into your service jobs, to make sure that your contracted and billable services, including preventive maintenance, are also contributing to the profitability of your business.






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