Looking to Grow Your Business or Add Locations?

For over 20 years, Friendly Systems, Inc. has been providing business software solutions to companies in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. While the products that they distribute vary, we’ve found many of our clients typically face similar challenges in growing their business and adding locations:

Efficient method of tracking Counter and Walk-in Sales

We have solutions for quicker order printing and automated defaults for mutiple branches that speed up service for counter customers, reduce errors and traing time for new employees..

Improve sales tax cash flow

We’ve developed a solution that allows you to pay sales tax WHEN COLLECTED and not when invoiced which provides better cash flow management.

We couldn't have grown to 3 branches from 1 without Friendly Systems' help.

Grow sales without growing back office expenses.

We’ve helped our customers expand from a single location to multiple locations without adding back office personnel.

Enable outside salespeople to enter orders remotely

We provide the ability for remote salespeople to check inventory and enter orders while onsite with a customer resulting in better service and fewer errors.

We help our clients address these issues by combining industry expertise, technology and world-class business management tools from Sage. Friendly Systems strives for long-lasting, friendly business relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Based on our successful track record working with construction distribution companies, we have experience that we think can benefit your company. A brief telephone conversation will help our professional staff determine how we can help you grow and become more profitable.






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