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Our Allies (Not Customers):

Friendly Systems, Inc. has worked with distributors, custom manufacturing companies, service/installation companies, not for profit organizations as well as financial accounting departments in many industries. We have ongoing relationships with allies (not customers) that have been served for over 20 years

Why allies and not customers? Allies are in helpful association with another. Being an ally means using our energy and resources and whatever power or access we may have to make sure that there will be equal power in our relationships between Friendly Systems and those who select us to work with them. 

Airflow Technologies, Inc


Georgia Public Web
Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association
Lawrence Printing
Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc.
Omega Computer Systems
Premier Utilities and Services, Inc.
Resources & Residential Alternatives
Southside Healthcare, Inc.
Spacewall International, Inc.
SPG, Inc
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