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The Battery Scheduled Maintenance Program ( BSMP ) lets you record battery inspections on a laptop as you gather it in the field, and create high-quality reports including color-coded charts that let you and your customer spot potential problems easily.

BSMP was designed from the start with input from people who use it every day.

BSMP is easy to use, with features such as familiar spreadsheet-style screens for Per Unit and Per Connection data.  Extensive keyboard shortcuts, tab and arrow navigation let you do just about everything without touching the mouse or trackpad.

BSMP allows inspections to be recorded on multiple laptops, and then merge the data onto one master copy in the office.

BSMP uses Crystal Reports to produce documents that present your results professionally, with color-coded data and charts so that potential problems found by the inspection are easy to see.

The Report can be printed, or saved as an Adobe Acrobat file which can be emailed to the customer.

BSMP can import per cell data from Midtronics inFORM program.

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Screen Shots

Sample Report - Flooded

Sample Report - VRLA