Sage 100 offers two complete Anytime Learning packages – Financial and Distribution.  They provide “all-access anytime” to ensure everyone in your company gets the maximum benefit from your Sage 100 software.  It’s a good way to learn the software, train new hires, learn or refresh skills, or cross-train employees. One price: All access. All employees. All year. Visit to learn more and register.

  • If Sage updates a lesson, you get access to the latest version.
  • If Sage creates a new lesson, you get access to that too.
  • If you hire a new employee, they get access to all the lessons.
  • If you need to refresh skills for infrequent tasks, employees view the lessons they need.
  • In fact, you and your entire team get access to any Anytime Learning lessons we create or update during your one-year subscription period!
  • Access to learning is 24×7, so you can review lessons anytime.

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