Most of these enhancements are only available for Sage 100 Cloud, so take note if you are NOT using the Sage100Cloud subscription version.

Global enhancements:
The following changes are carried throughout multiple modules.
Automatic Update of Daily Transaction Register
A security event has been added to Role Maintenance that allows you to automatically update the Daily Transaction Register. For any series of journal and register updates that concludes with the Daily Transaction Register, you will not  receive a prompt to print and update the register if the security event check box is  selected for your role. The Daily Transaction Register will be printed and updated automatically.
The security event has been added for the following modules:
A/P, A/R, Bank Rec, BillOfMaterials, I/M, J/C, P/O, S/O, W/O.
Note: available for Sage 100 Cloud systems only.

Warning Message for Document Dates
A Use Document Date Warning check box has been added to the Preferences tab in Company Maintenance. After selecting this check box, you can enter a value in one or both of the following fields:
Document Date – Prior Periods to Allow Outside of Current Period
Document Date – Future Periods to Allow Outside of Current Period
These values are compared to the current period entered in the module’s Options task to determine when a date falls outside of the valid date range. Alternately, in Bill of Materials, Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Return Merchandise, and Sales Order, the values are compared to the current calendar month and year if Calendar Months is selected in the Base Inventory Periods On field in Inventory Management Options.
If you start to create a document with a date that falls outside of the valid range, you’ll receive one of two messages:
If you’re using the default date for that session, a warning message appears, and  you can click OK to continue.
If you manually enter the date, a warning message asks if you want to proceed. If  you click Yes with the date entered, a record is written to the Activity Log.  If you import records with a document date falling outside of the specified range through Visual Integrator, a warning is written to the Import Log.
Document dates are checked in the following tasks:
Bank Reconciliation:
Reconcile Bank
Check Deposit and Adjustment Entry
Bill of Materials
Disassembly Entry
Production Entry
Accounts Payable
Invoice Data Entry
Repetitive Invoice Selection
Manual Check and Payment Entry
Accounts Receivable
Invoice Data Entry
Cash Receipts Deposit
Repetitive Invoice Selection
Inventory Management
Transaction Entry
Job Cost
Job Billing Selection
Purchase Order
Material Requisition Issue Entry
Purchase Order Entry
Receipt of Goods
Receipt of Invoice Entry
Return of Goods
Return Merchandise Authorization
Generate Transactions
RMA Entry
Receipts Entry
Sales Order
Sales Order Entry
Invoice Data Entry
Note: available for Sage 100 Cloud systems only.

Links to Sage University Training
A Sage University button (with a graduation cap icon) has been added to additional  Purchase Order and Sales Order task windows. Click to view a list of training videos related to the task.

Accounts Payable
Ability to Set Default Expense Distribution Table
An Expense Distribution Table field has been added to the Additional tab in Vendor Maintenance. You can select a distribution table in this field, and it is then used as the default selection in Invoice Data Entry, Repetitive Invoice Entry, and Manual Check and Payment Entry. The default selection can be changed if needed. Also you can enter a new code in Vendor Maintenance to create an expense distribution table on the fly.
Note: available for Sage 100 Cloud systems only.

Job Cost module
Department Access for Time Track Selection
When departments are set up in the Payroll module, you no longer need access to  all departments to run Time Track Selection.  You can select all records associated with the departments to which you have access.

Library Master
Filtering Options in Data File Display and Maintenance
A Fields button has been added to Data File Display and Maintenance. Click this button to select which fields are displayed for the current file. After selecting fields,  click the new Filter button to enter criteria to determine which records appear in the  Key Scan window.
Note: available for Sage 100 Cloud systems only.

E-mail Reports Printed Using Task Scheduler
If you’re using the Paperless Office module, you can e-mail reports printed through a Task Scheduler job. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address in the E-Mail Addresses  field, which is available if Paperless Office is selected in the Printer field. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses separated by semicolons.
Note: available for Sage 100 Cloud systems only.

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