xTuple eCommerce gets your small-to-medium-sized business running like a larger corporation. This product will transform the way you do business. It connects smaller businesses with each other across the globe. With more resources than ever for your web sales and customer service, you can maximize your digital presence and your profits. Get xTuple’s award-winning software on your side. Then, customize it with help from Friendly Systems.

What xTuple eCommerce Does

xTuple eCommerce is a dynamic product. This product offers a way to “give small-to-medium sized manufacturers and distributors, and their entire global supply chain, a head-start over their competition with digital transformation technology.” (Courtesy of xTuple’s website.) Using this product, you can streamline everything from supplies, to sales, to customer relations in one place. Working hard never felt so easy.

Award-Winning, You Say?

Yes! xTuple eCommerce recently won Enterprise Innovation Product of the Year. This award recognizes the product’s ability to empower smaller businesses. This enables small-to-medium-sized businesses to connect with a global supply network and customer base. Thus, xTuple eCommerce allows you to grow and sustain your business more easily. It also maximizes profits and efficiency by connecting to any device with Internet access. This means easier business decisions on the go.


What else could you ask for? No, really– what else would an ideal service provide? Tell us in the comments about what your business needs to make web sales portals work for you.

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