Sage 100 Setup options courses:  Do you want to know more about the setup options for the core Sage 100/100cloud modules? Six new anytime learning courses are available for everyone on Sage University:  Setting up: Common Information, Accounts Payable,  Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Sales Order, Purchase Order.   Log onto Sage University and enter the following link to see all the new all the new courses, plus the existing Accounting Manager/General Ledger course.  See courses at:  SageU_SetupCourses.     Also accessed under courses for Setting up and Administering.

Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation Course is now available.  Do you  want to learn all about Sage 100Bank Reconciliation?  This course will cover beginning to end – from setting up bank accounts, to entering transactions, to reconciling bank accounts. Now available in Anytime Learning format on Sage University.

You will need a Sage University login to access Sage University courses.

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