IT departments have some of the most technical, dedicated working professionals in any given company, but problems in communicating persist in many workplaces. This slows down business processes– and time is money! We all know that technology can make our lives easier, but struggling with technology that doesn’t suit us makes business slower and harder. For lots of people, IT is a land of jargon often too specific for those working in other departments. This only adds to technology’s hurdles.

On the other hand, a great technology support department (even if that’s only one person!) can change everything. They become the heroes of our businesses, saving the day when disaster strikes and keeping us running smoothly.

Let It All Out

Friendly Systems wants to hear your thoughts, frustrations, concerns, and praise for technology support in your industry. Here’s some prompts to get you started:

  • What do you wish your IT department knew or had access to?
  • How helpful are things like company-wide technology workshops or trainings?
  • Does your business contract out for IT work or hire a permanent employee to help? (Which do you like better?)
  • Do you have IT training and end up being the default technology expert in your office? What kinds of support do you have or wish you have?
  • What is the most valuable information you’ve gotten about technology in your industry?
  • If you work in IT, what do you wish your non-IT coworkers knew? What is most misunderstood or unappreciated in your industry? What would make your job easier?

Realized You Need Friendlier Systems?

If you need your systems to be friendlier, hop on over to our website. We love giving your business the technology support it needs.

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