Business create, process, and analyse massive amounts of data every year. It takes up enormous resources, including employee time. It may not be accurate when hand-compiled. Then, you have to plan a meeting to share and explain the data. (That’s even more time, resources, and energy!) What if:

  • you could find important business data on your phone while you wait for your latte?
  • everyone could access data with clear, accurate analysis at any time?
  • employees just had to click a few buttons to access complex data instead of compiling and analyzing it themselves?

Enter business intelligence software.

What Business Intelligence Software Is

Business intelligence (BI) software is any software that makes your business run– well, more intelligently. Typically, BI software takes in data points, analyzes them accurately, and creates easy-to-read graphs, charts, and results. For businesses moving large amounts of inventory or with teams that need to be synced, BI software makes it easier to coordinate using clear, consistent data points.

Why BI Software?

Business intelligence takes in data, listens to requirements, and presents that data, with analysis. PeopleĀ canĀ do that, and have for millenia. The advantage of BI software is that it does so quickly and easily. It’s also less likely to make the kinds of human errors that can cause confusion and slow down work. Then, once data is compiled and analyzed, it has the ease of access of most software in today’s world– it’s available on every device with an internet connection. Imagine being able to make accurate business decisions on a flight using all the available data you need! Suddenly, working remotely and traveling become easier and better for your business. Smartphones become that much smarter and better for business.

Is BI Software Right for Your Business?

Short answer? Probably. Most businesses have at least one process that takes up just a little too much time and effort. BI software gives you access and accuracy without the expenses that come with checking and re-checking data and analysis. If you are looking to save time and money and get more accurate data analysis, reach out to Friendly Systems to find what BI can do for your business.