Right-clicking on a menu option in Sage 100 allows you to open that option in a secondary company without changing-company for everything else, including screens that you already have open.  This can be useful for several situations:  1)  If you have multiple companies setup in your system, this is a quick way to respond to momentary requests for information from another company without leaving your current company.   You can enter data like a customer-contact change, or transactions such as a manual-check or GL Entry in another company, while all other options stay-open in your current company.  2)  you might check for history in a history company if your history files have gotten so large that you save history in a history-company, or check info on a former employee in a payroll prior-year backup company.  3) you might like to test a procedure or option in a TEST company (copy of your live company data) before trying it in your live company.  Finally, you may want to look at one of the Sage demo-companies  ABC, ABX, XYZ to see how they have setup or used a feature that you are considering.   Using the right-click on a menu-option allows you to  stay in your main company while momentarily doing things in any second company.   This feature was added to Mas 90/200 for versions 4.20 forward, and it works with all modules including work-order and payroll.

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