Sage Mas 90 and Mas 200 version 4.4 has added some features to the Inventory Physical Count functions that you may find useful during Quarter-End or Year-End Inventory Counting. You may want to review these new options before your next Inventory Physical Count to see which options are best for your situation.

On the Physical Count Worksheet screen:

Print existing balances on count-sheets option. Check the Print Quantity On Hand box in the Options section on the right side of the screen. The existing balances will print on the worksheets.

Pre-populate on-hand quantity into the count quantity to relieve tedious re-keying of amounts. This option appears just above the Selections area of the screen. Check the box entitled: Default Quantity Counted to Quantity On-Hand.

Note that the on-hand quantity displays during count entry to help the operator catch errors during entry, rather than waiting to find them on the variance report. If you don’t want the entry person to see the on-hand figures, you can move them to the bottom of the lower-grid.

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