Sage MAS Intelligence (SMI) is intended to replace Frx for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 as Microsoft will no longer be supporting Frx as of 12/31/2012. It will also replace F9, which Sage will no longer sell as of October 2010. Sage will no longer support F9 when customer-support-plans are renewed after October 2010. New and current MAS 90 and MAS 200 customers will receive a free single-user license for 4.4 as a support-plan benefit.

SMI is built on an Excel platform and requires MicroSoft Excel 2007 or newer for the designer, 2003 or newer for the viewer. For people not already using Frx, Sage MAS Intelligence has “out the box” financial statements that are delivered with no user input required. SMI also includes sample reports from non-G/L data such as Customer Sales, Inventory Status and Vendor Purchases. That means that people analyzing data from non-G/L modules now have a new tool for creating sophisticated spreadsheets. Sage is also offering several free on-line learning courses on the product.

One FRx instructor said: most of the “functions” are actually Excel functions. The “drill down” capability does not go back to the MAS transactions, it brings up raw data. The trend analysis report looks like it bombed until you select a specific GL account. There is no reporting tree capability similar to Frx; you must “group” by chart segments unless you want to get it done in Excel. Many clients would not want to spend money to re-do most of their Frx reports in Excel. They can already send raw data to Excel and manipulate it much cheaper.

There is a learning curve involved in designing new reports and until there are some real improvements made to SMI, we wouldn’t encourage clients to “upgrade” from FRx to SMI. For people not using Frx or F9, Sage MAS Intelligence is a great new tool for generating spreadsheets from your MAS 90 and MAS 200 database, for both financial and non-financial reporting. For Sage’s details on Sage MAS Intelligence, see:

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