Repeating-orders are for customers who routinely order the same items. After a repeating-order is created, the customer, line item, tax, commission, and freight information is stored for immediate retrieval when creating a sales order. After repeating-order information is copied to a standard sales order, it can be modified or processed “as is”.
Master-orders document the total quantity of items to be delivered over a period of time using standard sales orders. Master-orders are different than repeating-orders in that master-order quantities can eventually be fulfilled. The master-order tracks the original quantity ordered and the remaining balance as sales orders are created. After either master or repeating order information is copied to a standard sales order, it can be modified or processed “as is”.
Entering Master or Repeating-orders in Sales Order Entry.
Order Number = A new Sales Order #. You can create a Master or Repeating order by copying from an existing order of another type, but be sure to specify Master/Repeating as the new type when copying if the source-order is a different type.
Order Type = master-order or repeating-order
Cycle Code = Enter a 2 character code to use in selecting groups of orders to create in the Auto Generate Orders Selection program on the Sales Order Main menu. Examples for repeating-orders might be: MO for monthly, SA for Samples, SP for Spring Orders, SU for Summer, HO for Holiday orders
Master-Orders display quantities on the Lines tab with the remaining quantity displaying in the Balance column. Each time an order is created referencing (not copied from) the master-order, the balance-quantities will be recalculated. If an order referencing a master-order is deleted, the balance-quantities will be restored to the master-order’s lines.
Sales Order Entry of single orders based on Master or Repeating orders. To reference the master or repeating-order when creating a new single “standard” orders in a Sales Order Entry, select the master/repeating-order number in the Master/Repeating No field on the Header tab. The system will create the new order based on the master/repeating order.
Auto Generate Orders Selection can be used to create new orders from either Master or Repeating Orders. Selections include Order #, Date, Cycle, Customer & Salesperson.
Auto Generate Invoice Selection can be used to create new invoices from Repeating Orders, but not Master-orders. See the Order-Type-to-Generate-From selection. Selections include Order #, Date, Cycle, Customer, Ship-Date & Promise-Date and Salesperson.

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