Sage has given their current 2010 roadmaps for their MAS 90 and MAS 200 products. These roadmaps are not guaranteed, but do show Sage’s priorities so far as introduction of new features.
Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.40 has now shipped, with the Inventory, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials modules upgraded to their business framework, previously done for GL, AP, AR & Sales Order. 4.40 adds many usability features to these modules, along with enhanced Custom Office features.
MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suite 1.4, which incorporates the 4.40 modules was announced as “soon” in mid-March.
March 2010 is the 1st 4.40 Product Update, in which Sage bundles former Extended Solutions (see *) into the standard product.
Product Update 1 was announced as “available for download” on March 31st, but pulled due to last-minute fixes needed, so we’re still waiting for that.
It will contain:
AR Enter cash receipts by invoice number (*AR 1200)
AR Ability to search by additional customer fields & Lot/Serial #’s (*AR 1027)
AP Enter wire transfers in Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry
IM New search by Lot or Serial # (New)
JC Prevent accidental posting of costs to a closed job (*JC 1046)
LM Enhanced Search tools in Data File Display and Maintenance
PR Automatic application of multiple earnings codes per employee during a payroll run (*PR 1018)
SO Prevent accidental re-use of a customer Purchase Order number in history (*SO 1096)
SO Control which items customers may purchase (*SO 1271)
SO Print a picking sheet with backorder line items
SO Prevent accidental printing of picking sheets twice
SO Quick-print a picking sheet from sales order (*SO 1035)
Credit Card Processing Industry Security Compliance: PA-DSS Certified
Windows 7 (32 bit only) compatibility testing is currently in process for Sage MAS 90 and 200. Sage says Windows 7 compatibility information to be published by the end of March 2010.

Product Update 2 scheduled for June 2010 will contain:
Bank Reconciliation
Electronically reconcile your BR transactions between your software and bank (*BR1005)
Utilize Positive Pay to verify check information (amount, payee, etc.) prior to the bank’s payment, which helps protects against check fraud (*BR1004)
Business Insights Intelligence
New Advanced Analytics and Financial Reporting tool as an alternative to Frx.
Complex reporting and analysis with a familiar excel-like interface.
Single-user license comes free. Frx users can trade their add-on licenses for B.I.I. licenses.
MAS 200 only version 4.45 – targeted for 4th quarter 2010.
SQL server database support for MAS 200, business framework modules only (AR,AP,BM,GL,IM,PO,SO).
Bundled SQL server license will be available from Sage with MAS 200.
Note: this will initially be for new installations, with upgrades of existing installations available at a later, currently unspecified time.

Call us at 678-273-4010, ext 2 if you have questions about upgrading your MAS 90 or MAS 200 system this year.

  1. As of April 6th, Sage has re-posted MAS 90 & MAS 200 Product Update 1 again on their support website – but hasn’t officially announced it. Also, no word yet on the Windows 7 compatibility. … Lee

  2. Sage posted a Windows 7 Compatibility statement saying there would be hotfixes available in April 2010 for MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.30 and 4.40 for Windows 7 compatibility. Hotfixes for Extended Enterprise 1.3 and 1.4 are also being developed.

  3. On Wed April 21st, Sage has pulled the Mas90/200 4.40
    Product Update 1 from their website, then re-posted it on April 26th.

    Sage has also posted hotfixes for 4.30.18 and 4.40.01 for Windows 7. Also Hotfixes for BOM, W/O and A/R (when not using S/O). As of April 26th, they are still revising 4.30.18 and expect to re-post it within a week or so.


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